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About Us

Panel Beaters in Abbotsford / Richmond

Established in 1970, Abbotsford Body Repairs has developed a reputation as prestige vehicle panel beaters, servicing the Richmond / Abbotsford areas and Melbourne's CBD outskirts and affluent inner east. A panel beater with a reputation for quality repairs, Abbotsford Body Repairs offers vast smash repair experience across all vehicle types, in particular the Abbotsford, Richmond  and surrounding areas.

Managing Director, Lucky Patsiotis has grown with the business for 30 years and leads Abbotsford Body Repairs into a new era of panel beating technology. His contribution and leadership has technologically advanced Abbotsford Body Repairs bringing it to the forefront of advanced management and administration systems. This accompanied by the facilitation of advanced computerised systems has placed Abbotsford Body Repairs in good stead within the Motor Vehicle Collision Repair Industry.

Abbotsford Body Repairs prides itself on the relationships it has developed with Insurers over the years. As a result, Abbotsford Body Repairs holds recommended repairer status with many of the majors and smaller insurance companies. In addition, the business has enjoyed developing a rapport with many repeat clients, servicing many notable Australians and maintaining an affiliation with Porsche motor sport.

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