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Accident Action Plan

Help I've just crashed my car!


1. Drivers Licence Number (Mandatory):

2. Registration Number :

3. Make and Model of the vehicle:

4. Colour:

5. Name:

6. Address:

7. Phone:

8. Accident location address:


If your car is drivable


Call Abbotsford Body Repairs on 9428 8167 and we can assist you with lodging an insurance claim with either your insurer or the other parties insurance company depending on the circumstances.




If your car is NOT drivable

Call the towing allocation service for Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula on 13 11 76. Tow trucks are allocated on a roster system which is regulated and must have an allocation number to attend the scene of your accident.

IMPORTANT: You are well with in you rights to choose which repairer you want your vehicle towed to. It is imperative that your clearly stipulate your preferred repairer to ensure this is where your car will be towed to:

Abbotsford Body Repairs

16 Thompson St Abbotsford VIC


It is illegal for Tow Truck Drivers to be touting or soliciting for repair work at the scene of an accident. In other words they cannot make any attempt to refer you to other repairers. It is your right to dictate which repairer you wish your car to be towed to. In the event that your accident occurs outside of normal business hours the towing service allocated to your scene is obliged to store your vehicle at their depot and then tow it to your preferred repairer on the next day of business. When the tow truck driver attends there is information a tow truck driver must give to you as the owner/driver of a vehicle damaged in an accident before you sign an ‘Authority to Tow’.

The tow truck driver must take reasonable steps to:

  • Give you a copy of Towing from a crash scene - your rights. 
  • Explain the extent of your right to have the vehicle towed to a destination of your choice.
  • A tow truck driver cannot tow a vehicle damaged in an accident unless the owner or driver of the vehicle (or, in certain circumstances, a member of Victoria Police or a VicRoads Officer) signs a document authorising the tow truck driver to tow their vehicle. This is called an Authority to Tow.

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