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Panel beaters Abbotsford / Richmond

Abbotsford Body Repairs has panel beater repair facilities spanning over more than 15000 sq ft of inner city space just off busy Victoria St, in the Abbotsford / Richmond area. In addition, to these facilities is a designated customer parking area along with a comfortable reception/waiting area for our customers to enjoy.

We are a licensed SureSafe Body Shop using the Suresafe Under Body Repair System. Providing a new standard of panel beater repair, Suresafe certify that each car’s measurements comply with manufacturers specifications. Licensed Suresafe body shops must be equipped with manufacturer approved jigging equipment. Abbotsford Body Repairs utilizes the Carbench Octopus jigging system. For further information on SureSafe please visit www.suresafe.net.au.

Festo mobile dustless sanding is utilized in our panel beater repair shop to eliminate dust in the air and onto customers vehicles. Abbotsford Body Repairs maintains a clean workshop and adheres to all relevant EPA compliance regulations. Our custom built paint room incorporates a purged suction system to eliminate paint fumes. However, Abbotsford Body Repairs has taken the next step and in addition to our solvent based paint system we also specialise in waterborne paint application.

Compact infra-red dryers provide fast and efficient drying of spot panel repairs and paint preparation areas. These dryers are easily maneuverable and highly versatile. Our facilities also include two full down draft spray booths to aid in vehicle turn around time.

Abbotsford Body Repairs recognizes the need for equipment that encompass the ever changing materials used by manufactures in today's vehicles. Heat inverter welders and aluminum welders are imperative in today's body shop. Abbotsford Body Repairs makes good use of both.

We recognise the need to update equipment as technology progresses and are well positioned to incorporate manufacturer specific equipment where needed.

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